Celebrating 11 years of groovy consultancy

Kieran the DJ grooving

This year marks my 11th anniversary in the groovy business of consultancy. Back in 2013, I had no grand plan or aspirations for the future—all I aimed for was finding joy in the rhythm, building harmonious connections, with clients and helping them find their groove with K8. Fast forward 11 years, and I'm still grooving—thanks...

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Happy Christmas! 🎅

Wishing you and those close to you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. If we worked together in 2023, then thank you for your support. If we didn't, there's always next year! p.s. Keep your eye out for information regarding my new Inventory Management module next year!

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Celebrating 10 Years

It hardly seems like 10 years since I took the bold step to move away from corporate life to set up on my own offering freelance consultancy services.I'm truly grateful and thankful for your support on this journey, whether you've been with me from the start or have just recently joined with me.In the 315,576,000 seconds...

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Some days I just don’t feel like it

In March 2020, at the start of Lockdown 1.0, my wife and I started an exercise regime. We bought two yoga mats and started exercising. We’ve done yoga, HIIT, tabata, battle ropes, pressups, squats, lunges … you name it, we’ve done it! Almost 20 months later, we’re still at it. But you know what? Some...

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Do you know what you don’t know?

It’s not as mad as it sounds. Sometimes we know there are things we don’t know – how black holes work and why the Kardashians are so popular... Other times, we just don’t know that there’s more to something, more we could learn. Particularly when it comes to clever systems like Kerridge’s K8 ERP software...

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No printer? No problem!

Kieran in the garden looking sadly at printer because he cant print

Are you working from home and finding it a challenge to get all your tasks done? I can help take one monthly task off your hands.Did you know that it’s possible to quickly and easily send your invoices, statements and even credit chase letters electronically, by email, rather than printing and posting them? There are...

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There’s still time to KIKKASS your VAT return

Kieran Kelly, Kerridge systems specialist consultant, in a wrestling mask ready to Kick Ass your Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT return

What’s KIKKASS I hear you cry? Keep It Kieran Kelly And Super Simple of course. The 1st April deadline is fast approaching, but don’t panic, with my system there’s still time to Make Tax Digital and get your VAT return in on time. Stress free! While there’s still much myth and uncertainty about the use...

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I’m no hero …


I'm just celebrating 7 years at Kieran Kelly Consultancy Services Ltd! This month I’m celebrating 7 magical years in business working with some fantastic people! Where has the time gone? To mark the occasion, I’d like to send you a little commerative gift to thank you for all your support over the years. Please either...

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I’m on the move!

My address is changing but the awesome level of service isn't!! Can you please inform those who need to know that with immediate effect, my new address is: 42 Ramsbury Drive Hungerford Berkshire RG17 0SG United Kingdom I look forward to helping you with all aspects of your system in 2020 and wish you every...

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