I’m no hero …


I’m just celebrating 7 years at Kieran Kelly Consultancy Services Ltd!

This month I’m celebrating 7 magical years in business working with some fantastic people! Where has the time gone?

To mark the occasion, I’d like to send you a little commerative gift to thank you for all your support over the years.

Please either reply to this email with your preferred delivery address, or it would be even more super if you could wish me Happy Anniversary on my LinkedIn Profile page, with the hashtag #K8hero.

What’s with all the hero stuff?
I’m no hero, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m just a regular guy who knows a lot about Kerridge’s K8 software, wearing a Super-7 T-shirt to celebrate 7 awesome years.

A guy who’s making it his mission to help you get the best from your ERP systems.

Who goes out of his way to clearly and simply explain features like stock forecasting.

And who drives all over the country visiting customers, finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

So even if you do change your login to Kieran_is_my_hero, as one of my clients did recently, that’s not why I do it. (Although I can’t deny, hearing that did make my day.)

Why do I do it?
I do it because I love a challenge. I do it because I was brought up to share, and that includes my knowledge as well as my toys. And I do it because sometimes you just can’t beat being in the same room together.

Do you dream of a K8 superhero swooping in to save the day?
Someone who frees you from frustration, helps you to get the most from your Kerridge K8 system, gives you and your team super-clear K8 training and answers to questions? Then give me a call.

I’m no hero. It’s just what I do.