Consultancy, Configuration & Training

In order to get the most out of your investment in your system it should be correctly configured and your staff should be correctly trained in its use. This is an ongoing investment in time, and money, ensuring that you are gaining maximum results from your system.

The system will have been configured during the implementation phase, and your staff trained. As business evolves and changes, so should your system. There are constant demands for information coming from internal and external sources. Consultancy can help to decide the best way to proceed, be it changes to configuration or procedures.

A consistent relationship with a knowledgeable, reliable and technically competent consultant will make all the difference to your experience with your system.

Priding myself in my approach-ability and diligence I am a valuable asset to the clients I work with. I restrict myself with the number of clients I work with so that I can assure responsiveness and attention to detail.

The success of your system depends on how it is configured, the expertise of those using it, and ensuring that these two aspects are always

I am a trading consultant by training and experience and can offer assistance and guidance on all aspects of product management, supply chain management, sales order processing, stock checking etc. I’ve experience with K8, both 8.07 and 8.09 systems, implementing, configuring and supporting both types of system.

I’ve presented the product to high level decision makers, applying its features and benefits to their business, in pre-sales demonstrations, resulting in successful deals.

Report Generator

I’m very strong on report generator, including Advanced Columnar and from Advanced Analysis/Data Warehouse. I’ve written trigger reports that update the Exceptions pane on workplaces, prompting users to address important events such as delayed orders, stock below minimum levels etc.

Data Exchange

Data Exchange (DX) is like Ascii Import on steroids! Ascii import allows data to be imported directly into the database, which can greatly reduce  time for data maintenance. DX takes this a step further by allowing the imported data to be validated, verified, and modified before being eventually added to the database. DX can also be used to export data, for integration with other systems. Multiple reports and user defined tables can be used within a DX allowing data to be brought in from other tables, before eventually being imported or exported.

DX is very useful for creating branch stock records or central product records from a CSV file, applying logic and validating before final commitment.


Workplaces are an extremely useful facility for allowing users perform multiple activities from one place. There are several standard workplaces – Quotation Administration, Branch Administration, Sales Order Administration and Purchase Control Administration. Each of these workplaces can be modified to suit your needs. Although the content of the plugins is fixed, the reports driving the workplace are fully modifiable.

Dashboards take full advantage of K8’s KPI functionality. They allow managers to see all the important information on the screen instantaneously, with automatic refreshing if required. K8.09’s standard KPI view types can be used, or custom graphics can be developed, using advanced columnar reports built in logic to change graphics according to data values. Background reports calculate the KPI values and update the background tables, and foreground reports, KPI graphics or charts display these values. Drill down reports can be linked to all KPIs allowing the manager to interrogate the KPI data.