Workplaces & KPIS

Workplaces take full advantage of K8’s KPI functionality. They allow managers to see all the important information on the screen instantaneously, with automatic refreshing if required. K8.09’s standard KPI view types can be used, or custom graphics can be developed, using advanced columnar reports built in logic to change graphics according to data values. Background reports calculate the KPI values and update the background tables, and foreground reports, KPI graphics or charts display these values. Drill down reports can be linked to all KPIs allowing the manager to interrogate the KPI data.

Workplaces are an extremely useful facility for allowing users perform multiple activities from one place. There are several standard workplaces – Quotation Administration, Branch Administration, Sales Order Administration and Purchase Control Administration. Each of these workplaces can be modified to suit your needs. Although the content of the plugins is fixed, the reports driving the workplace are fully modifiable.

I can design and write reports that will run in the background at regular intervals, updating the KPI data, so that when the workplace is opened, all the hard work is done and the data displays quickly and easily. Targets can be set against KPIs too, so you can get a graphical or tabular view of data against targets.

With workplaces, you can quickly and easily see on one screen key information and then choose to ‘zoom in’ on particular items, with detailed reports, if you want to investigate further.