Making Tax Digital

You’re probably aware of the new Making Tax Digital changes, being brought in this year by HMRC. These apply to all VAT returns with a period start date from 1st April 2019. The changes are intended to make filing your period-end VAT return simpler. But will they work with your current ERP system? Possibly not without a system upgrade or expensive consultancy support.

I’m all for making life as simple as possible. So I’ve created a system that enables the period-end report, generated by your current ERP system, to be filed with a HMRC approved API.

Check out this short video for an easy to understand explanation.

No costly upgrades. No high recurring charges.

Just easy-to-use joined-up thinking, a one-off set-up fee of only £575+ VAT and a modest annual service charge of £275+ VAT (plus £40 + VAT for the API link). I like to think of myself as a consultant who prices fairly and gives great value. These costs are for a single company solution. Additional charges may apply for additional companies.

Please do call me if you’d like to know more about how I can help you file your VAT return quickly, easily and for a fraction of the cost other companies are charging. With no obligation, of course.

Questions and answers.

Q. Would you need Level 9 Access on Kerridge or access to the audit tables to implement?
A. No, we work from an export report, which requires no special access or audit tables.

Q. What are the hardware and software requirements as we are currently hosted?
A. There are no special hardware requirements and the only software requirement is a macro enabled spreadsheet.

Q. Do we need to updgrade our system for this to work?
A. No, this solution works on either K8.07 or K8.09/Babbage without any need to upgrade.