How I Work

If we are new to each other, I would usually suggest a day or two on site to work together so that we can get to know each other and understand how we operate. My speciality is the trading side of the Kerridge system although I am happy to write reports on the financial side of the system too.

I would suggest having remote access to your system, either via VPN or TeamViewer. This way I can tweak any work that I have already done, or carry out new tasks while away from your office. My balance of work is varied between on site and remote and I like to be responsive to your needs, so if I can take your call or answer your email, I will, if not immediately, then certainly in the evening.

I can work with vague specifications and am happy to use my experience to suggest what you might need or you might find helpful. I like to find innovative ways around problems and would always prefer to come up with a solution than to walk away from a problem.

Feel free to challenge me, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Contact me to find out more.