Oh this year I’m off to sunny Spain … Viva Valéncia!

I am writing to inform you about an upcoming change in my personal circumstances that I wanted to share with you. My wife and I will be relocating to Spain due to a new job opportunity that my wife has received. Additionally, our current rental property is being sold, which has further prompted this move.

I want to assure you that this relocation will not affect the quality or continuity of the services I provide. As a freelance software consultant, I have successfully worked remotely for several years, and I will continue to do so from Spain. My commitment to your projects and our collaboration remains unchanged.

Here are a few key points regarding the transition:

  1. Continuity of Service: Once settled, there will be no interruption to the services I provide. I will ensure that all ongoing projects continue seamlessly.
  2. Availability: I will maintain my current working hours and will be available during our usual communication times. We can also adjust our meeting schedules if needed to accommodate any time zone differences. Please note that from August 12th until August 30th, my availability will be reduced while I move and get settled in.
  3. Contact Information: My email address and phone number will remain the same. I will also be reachable via [any other communication tools you use, e.g., Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, etc.].
  4. On-Site Visits: If there is a need for my presence on-site in the UK, I can make arrangements to return for a period of time to cover such appointments. Please let me know in advance if an on-site visit is required, and we can coordinate accordingly.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition. I value our partnership and am committed to ensuring that our work together continues smoothly and effectively.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I look forward to continuing our successful collaboration from my new location.