MI-DAS Management Information Dashboard

MI-DAS is the first truly independent web based dashboard for your K8 system. Being web based means you can access the dashboard from any device with a web browser, such as smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. No additonal licences or K8 users are required to access MI-DAS.

MI-DAS Dashboard Screenshot

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The dashboard is the place where you can see all sales performance at a glance. If you are a sales manager you can see compay wide sales performance, or choose a particular sales person to focus on. If you are a sales person you get to see your own sales performance.

MI-DAS Dashboard Screenshot

Colour (RAG) coded plugins change according to KPI and margin thresholds defined within the dashboard.

Data can also be displayed in tables immediately.

MI-DAS Dashboard Screenshot

Dashboard – Product Group/Product Targets

Targets can be set by user for specific product groups or products and sales performance against these targets monitored.

MI-DAS - Product Group Sales

Dashboard – Projected Sales

Sales figures are extrapolated and compared against targets on a monthly and yearly basis. And colour coded to RAG thresholds.



The customer list is filtered to show only those customers the currently logged in user is associated with.

Sales values are year on year and lines are colour coded green, if the customer is ahead of last year’s sales value or red if behind.

All lists are sortable and exportable. Customer targets can be imported here

MI-DAS Customer Screenshot

Extensive customer details can be viewed by simply clicking the customer name.

Customer – Sales Analysis

MI-DAS Customer Sales Analysis

Sales analysis can be viewed in a simple 3 year history data table or graph format, as well as at PAC1-4 and product level. Look how easy it is to see which PAC3 levels are being bought, and importantly, which are not.

MI-DAS Customer PAC3 Sales

Customer – Sales vs Targets

Customer sales targets for any PAC group or product can be manually entered or imported in bulk and sales performance against these targets easily seen.

MI-DAS Customer Sales vs Target

Customer – Aged Balances

Customer aged balances are on hand for those debt collecting moments when visiting customers.

MI-DAS - Customer Aged Balances

Customer – Quotes

Keep on top of outstanding quotes for the customer with this simple, exportable list.

MI-DAS Customer Quotes

Customer – Orders

Engage with your customers with full visibility of their orders with their latest statuses.

MI-DAS - Customer Orders

Customer – Terms

MI-DAS is the only 3rd party commercial product that allows you to view customer pricing terms in a very flexible, searchable manner. Product and group level pricing terms are both available.

MI-DAS - Customer Pricing Terms

And Group …

MI-DAS - Customer Group Terms

Customer – Contacts

If you’ve been maintaining a list of contacts on your K8 system, then its imperative that your sales people on the road have access to the latest details. Here they are, synchronised nightly (or more often if you prefer!).

MI-DAS - Customer Contacts

Customer – Tasks

If you’re out on the road, recording meeting notes is crucial. With MI-DAS this is easily done, with overdue tasks showing up in red. If you’re a sales manager, you can assign tasks to your sales people.

MI-DAS - Customer Tasks

Customer – Sales Reps.

Do you have more than one sales person selling to the same customer? Using MI-DAS, this multiple association can be configured meaning that when each sales person views the customer, they see only their own sales to the customer.MI-DAS - Customer Sales Reps


View sales by all PAC groups and products (regardless of whether there actually were sales or not). Colour coded to easily see which areas are ahead of or behind this time last year. Like all other lists, this one is exportable for further analysis off system.

MI-DAS - Product List

Product – Detail

View 3 year sales history for the selected product group or product in either graph or tabular format.


Here you can see an overall view of tasks, whether overdue or still outstanding. A click through allows you to quickly jump to the associated customer to further analyse relevant information.

MI-DAS - Tasks