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My flexible and accommodating style along with my indepth knowlegde of your Kerridge system allow me to offer close personal account consultation and management. I can perform tasks quickly, I understand your needs and I am fairly priced. (If that sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet, check out my testimonials!)

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  • In business, you meet many third party service providers, some have little impact and are easily forgotten but some you remember for all the right reasons, and it’s these relationships based on trust and mutual partnership that add the real value. Kieran’s quick understanding of business operation and reporting needs meant that new reports were written quickly, issues impacting reporting were uncovered and resolved, and broken reports were fixed. Kieran was easy to talk to, he explained things in a human way for the none IT minded, and most importantly, he listened. Kieran’s understanding of the system enabled further exploration into unused functionality that positively impacted sales and operational success, system confidence and most importantly decision-making. Kieran is professional, extremely knowledgeable commercially and kind. Kieran was a great find, it felt life saving at the time, I highly recommend KKCS Lisa Riley

    -Lisa Riley
  • Kieran's extensive experience in the Kerridge interface proved invaluable recently when trying to find a solution for connecting attributes to product data. He managed to achieve more in 5 minutes on the phone than I had managed to do in 2 hours. Very useful resource to have and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Mike Hands MSc IT & Communications Manager

  • We employed Kieran’s services to take a different view on our K8 system. Kieran went above and beyond our expectations providing elegant reports and solutions. Kieran’s hardworking imaginative approach has provided us with a competitive advantage moving forward. I can highly recommend Kieran as an independent K8 Consultant. Robert Boslem

    -Beatsons Building Supplies Ltd.
  • If you are using K8 and require bespoke reporting, complex data extractions, and formatted financial information, I can not recommend Kieran highly enough! He makes it simple to describe what information you are after and how you would like to see it, in a non techie way!, and then delivers the solution.... Steve Tarrant Commercial Director

    -Williams Trade Supplies Ltd.
  • It's very rare that people with technical know-how can translate their skills and knowledge into any easy-to-understand way for non-technical people such as myself. Kieran has this ability in abundance, and when coupled with his likeable persona and 'can do' attitude, it makes him a great consultant to work with and learn from. I couldn't recommend Kieran highly enough. Stuart Poole Retail Product and Pricing Manager

    -ATS Euromaster
  • We were having tremendous difficulties operating our new K8 SME system following installation. Kieran recently spent 4 days with us looking at every aspect of the trading side of the system and I can honestly say that those 4 days were of far more benefit than the previous 6 months of Kerridge support to us. I feel I can at last look forward to going back to running my business rather than dealing with daily computer problems …… Thank you Kieran
    Martin Bentham

    -Euxton Tiles
  • We have just moved to K8 from a paper based system. This represents a quantum leap for both the company and staff. With little IT experience, quality staff training was essential. Kieran joined us to conduct the staff training. His style and knowledge of SOP is exceptional. With Kieran’s help we successfully managed both “dry run” and “go live”. Our first trading day was a great success. On behalf of the team, thanks Kieran.
    Paul Maher

    -David Harrison
  • Kieran Kelly Consultancy provides that close personal account consultation and management that is rarely found in software support these days, which can make a significant different to your business.

  • We employ the services of Kieran Kelly on an ‘ad hoc’ basis to bridge the gaps that are unfortunately left by Kerridge’s rigid and sometimes inadequate training and maintenance. Kieran has always been very flexible and accommodating in his approach allowing us the opportunity to offload onto him all manner of issues that build up from time to time in K8. We simply give him a list and he gets on with it. His service provides real value for money when compared to Kerridge consultancy fees. On a slightly negative note it is a shame that he is unable to deal directly with Kerridge whilst working on our system, particularly if he finds issues that cannot be resolved and that requires Kerridge interaction.
    Steve Cobb

    -Angel Plastics
  • Had a call from Keiran out of the blue offering his services. I gave him what i thought was a brain teaser! removing thousands of old contacts – ones which have note had sales history & without having to do them individually. We were told it would take a site visit & a lot of money – Keiran sorted it within minutes. Can not recommend this guy enough.
    Wayne Summers