Celebrating 11 years of groovy consultancy

Kieran the DJ grooving

This year marks my 11th anniversary in the groovy business of consultancy. Back in 2013, I had no grand plan or aspirations for the future—all I aimed for was finding joy in the rhythm, building harmonious connections, with clients and helping them find their groove with K8.

Fast forward 11 years, and I’m still grooving—thanks to you! Your support has kept the record spinning, and I can’t thank you enough, whether you’re a recent chart entry or have been on this funky ride from the start. Your collaboration has been like the perfect beat, and here’s to another year of rocking together.
Stay tuned for some mind-blowing developments: introducing the revamped MI-DAS system for revolutionary inventory management tailored specifically for your K8 system. Plus, get ready to surf the vibes on my brand new website—coming your way soon.

Exciting things are dropping this year, so big shoutout for your continued support; it’s been a record-spinning, groovy journey, and I’m thrilled to keep the music playing.

If you want to get your groove on, with my specially chosen Spotify playlist for my 11th anniversary, click here or the image above.