Do you know what you don’t know?

It’s not as mad as it sounds. Sometimes we know there are things we don’t know – how black holes work and why the Kardashians are so popular… Other times, we just don’t know that there’s more to something, more we could learn.

Particularly when it comes to clever systems like Kerridge’s K8 ERP software system.
That’s OK. Your job is getting on with sales, support, invoicing, managing… probably a dozen things that don’t include being a K8 system specialist.
My job is knowing the K8 system inside out, backwards, forwards and every which way. Not that I’m tooting my own horn, but after 12 years of specialising in the system, I do know it pretty well.
It’s always a pleasure for me to be able to share a great feature, time-saving system and simplifying solution with a client. Hearing their amazement at the little things they didn’t know, and how they’ve unleashed new potential for them.
So rather than waiting until you have a problem or specific request, why not give me a call and just ask me if there’s a better way of doing things, or if I can make your system work better, smoother, more efficiently.
I’ll bet there is. You just don’t know it.

The same goes for MI-DAS, the powerful independent web-based sales performance tool. Just because it’s pocket-sized doesn’t mean it doesn’t punch above its weight – you might just not be putting it to the test.
Not knowing what you don’t know is absolutely fine, but not asking how I can make your K8 or MI-DAS life even easier, well that just seems like a shame.
Go on, test me, I love a challenge and I love sharing my knowledge to make my clients’ working days that bit easier, more efficient and profitable.