Survey results and how I’m your company’s flexible friend

Kieran performing yoga pose

How are you? Now that we’re almost four months into our new reality, how’s it been for you?

I hope you’ve been well and it’s been a productive time for you.

Thankfully I’ve had a steady trickle of work, with time off to practise some yoga and improve my flexibility. Here I am practising my crouching geek hidden safety rope pose.  

OK, there may be some slight of hand involved, and my physical flexibility may still have a way to go yet, but my professional flexibility… well that’s another matter!

Faced with a work challenge, I think it’s my fresh thinking and flexible approach that’s enabled me to come up with so many innovative solutions to tricky problems.    

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The votes are in

On another note – I’d like to say a huge Thank You if you completed my recent survey on accessing sales data out in the field or away from the K8 system. 

Consuming data – It turns out most people prefer Statistics, with the Red/Amber/Green traffic light system a close second, Graphs third and Pie charts trailing last.

Remote access is hugely important – Accessing the K8 system from a phone, tablet and laptop gets an average rating of 9.4/10.  

The most loved feature – Not too surprisingly, this was being able to easily check pricing terms. With customers having up to five special pricing terms, each based on discount groups or products, with different levels of discounts and pricing, it’s not surprising most third-party systems struggle with this.

But did you know… I designed MI-DAS specifically to handle this data and make it extremely easy to access? It gives a clear list that can be searched by product code or discount group to immediately see all relevant terms, enabling you to make good decisions based on accurate information wherever you may be. 

Like to find out more?
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For my homework
I’m always looking for ways to improve my level of service and my MI-DAS product. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

In other news
I’m hoping to take my annual vacation from 3rd – 14th August. Please give me a shout if there’s anything you need me to look at before then and I’ll do my best to get it done before I go.

Now… I wonder what pose I should vinyasa into next… 
Stay safe and well,