Celebrating 10 Years

It hardly seems like 10 years since I took the bold step to move away from corporate life to set up on my own offering freelance consultancy services.

I’m truly grateful and thankful for your support on this journey, whether you’ve been with me from the start or have just recently joined with me.

In the 315,576,000 seconds I’ve been in business I’ve …

  • Worked with almost 100 clients
  • Written hundreds, if not thousands of reports
  • Developed my amazing web based sales data analysis and visualisation tool – MI-DAS
  • Stayed in countless hotels
  • Made countless clients’ jobs easier and days better by making their systems work for them, rather than the other way around
  • Distributed thousands of Haribos!

I’m not even going to think about where I’ll be in another 10 years!

For now, I’m going to enjoy this grand achievement.

Thank you!