5 minutes till your next Sales Meeting? Perfect, you’ve time to prepare thoroughly.

Love preparing for sales meetings? Thought not. How would you like to be able to gather the data you need to be ready for your next sales meeting in under 5 minutes, and in 5 super easy steps?With MI-DAS you can have your client’s terms, spending patterns, purchase history and product data to hand, in your hand, without spending hours buried in your K8 system (or investing £££s on a licence).

In under 5 minutes MI-DAS can tell you:

  • What your client’s buying – how much and how often
  • What they’ve stopped buying – find out why and you could propose a new product
  • Anomalies – if they’re buying A, why aren’t they also buying B? Knowing this gives you the potential to cross and upsell
  • Pricing terms – what discounts are they currently receiving?
  • Outstanding invoices or aged balances

All in easy-to-read formats – you can choose how you see the data – pie chart/graph/stats.
Virtually live – on average there’s just a 30-minute refresh rate.
Wherever you are – all you need is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

“it’s a tremendous tool for users visiting customers
and to be able to drill information remotely,
so I give it a 10 [out of 10].”
IT Manager, Easby Electronics

In 5 easy steps you can dig down as far as you need:

  1. Login
  2. Select client
  3. Review their past sales – down to individual product detail – in a graph, pie chart or colour coded stats, or against targets
  4. Identify associated products they could/should be purchasing
  5. Check latest terms & discounts

Never again will you go into a sales environment unprepared. Instead you’ll have a happy customer, glad to finally have the extra member of their sales team they always wanted. And you’ll have the sale you wanted. All thanks to just a few minutes of prep.

“I needed a sales tracking system that’s quick and easy to use,
while giving my team complete visibility and clear updates on Sales, at multiple levels, out in the field.
MI-DAS has completely exceeded my expectations.
 It’s intuitive and brilliantly easy to use, yet deceptively loaded with features. A real asset for any sales team.”
Managing Director, FW Hipkin