Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.

Do you remember what you did when your favourite cassette tape got mangled and unravelled by the player? If you’ve experienced it, you probably know that the best solution is to use a pen or pencil through one of the cassette holes to carefully wind the tape back in.

But do you know what to do when your ERP system unravels? When you find yourself looking at it, unable to make head or tail of what you’re seeing?

This also needs experience to unravel, only it’s a bit more in-depth than the skilful twirling of a pencil. This needs the kind of experience that comes with 30+ years in the IT industry and 11+ years with Kerridge products. The sort of experience that KKCS offers.

Are you margins growing or shrinking?

What do I mean by your system unravelling? Take your pricing for example. You may have been told that by having a great system in place, your sales margins will improve. But what if they’re not improving, or even worse, are shrinking?

This is a classic symptom of a K8 system having unravelled. Increased cost prices aren’t being passed on to your customers, in turn reducing your margins. I’ve seen this many times, with many clients, in many different types of business. It’s often down to outdated terms or sales prices.

The good news is, I can make sure your K8 system is set up and working as it should.

But how, I hear you cry!

Simple. I use my experience to update and refine your system, so it’s working as it should. When I’ve finished, all you’ll need to do is enter the new prices, before they become active, and the system will do the rest (with a little magical know-how from KKCS of course!)

I can set up your K8 system to make exporting and importing prices a doddle.

I can show you how to get sale prices from cost prices, quickly and easily.

I can also make sure your team is trained and able to update your prices and protect your margins in just a few key strokes. Effortlessly. Seamlessly. Efficiently.

All thanks to years of experience.