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Kerridge’s K8 is a fantastic system. When it works the way you want it to. But as with anything in life, things can change, and the last thing you need in business is downtime.

I can help. I am…


(or Kieran Kelly as I’m also known)

So, why doesn’t your K8 system still work as you expect? It will have been configured during the implementation phase, but over time, as your business has grown, evolved and changed, your system may not have done the same.

Regular IT reviews from a knowledgeable, reliable and technically experienced professional IT consultant will capture these changes and implement any necessary updates, to ensure you’re getting the data processing, software operation and functionality you need.

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My flexible consultancy support means I’m here for you when you need me, quickly, cost-effectively and professionally. Here are just some of the ways I can help:

  • In the beginning – with system configuration and staff training – getting you set up and ensuring you and your team understand how to get the most from K8.
  • Ad-hoc trouble shooting – calling in The Fixer when things aren’t working as you’d expect.
  • Health checks – don’t wait till something doesn’t work – by reviewing the system status and usage, I can help to prevent any future issues and ensure K8 is delivering what you want and need.
  • Report writing – I can write these for you based on the data provided by your K8 system, or train your people to do this.
  • Data exchanges (DX) – done for you or training – I offer both. But be warned, training isn’t for the faint-hearted, there’s a lot this system can do, which means a lot to learn!
  • Workplaces & KPIs – updates, customised graphics, modified reports, target setting… you name it – I can help you get the most from your Workplace and KPIs, giving you data that is live, easy to understand and therefore quicker to action.

The most time- and cost-efficient way is for me to help is for me to come to you, spending a day or two, or as much time is needed, unravelling any knots, straightening out any glitches in the system and training as many people as needed.

“There is always a solution to a problem, no matter how big or small or time restraint. It will always get done. To work together is an absolute joy.”
IT Manager, Easby Electronics

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kieran for more than six years now. He’s brilliantly fast, quick to react, knows his stuff inside out, understands sales and the challenges within it, and comes up with solutions that go above and beyond what was asked for.
No challenge I’ve thrown at him has been too great. He’s also a really easy person to work with. I recommend everyone, except my competition, to get in touch with him.”
Managing Director – FW Hipkin