🥇And the gold goes to …🥇

Olympic gold medal

YOU when you have the MI-DAS touch!

I admit it, linking MI-DAS with the Olympics may appear tenuous, but I promise you’ll definitely feel like a winner when you see what you can do when you have the MI-DAS touch!
Unanimously voted Gold Winner and World’s Best Management Information Dashboard*.
It feels like bragging, telling you all the ways that MI-DAS can help you and your business, so I asked some of my clients what they think instead.

sales that are easy
to analyse
Up to date info,
clearly displayed,
easy to navigate
performance that’s
easy to monitor
Check what’s doing well and just as importantly, what should be selling but isn’t – so you can ask the questions and solve the problem you didn’t know existed.   Crystal clear colour coding, pie charts, graphs and stats show you everything you need to know about you and your teams sales, wherever you are, on mobile, table or desktop.  Up to the minute visibility of customer sales, targets, balances, terms… the whole shooting match on one clear screen, so you’re better prepared for your next conversation.

Other happy MI-DAS users added:  

“a tremendous tool for users visiting customers
 and to be able to drill information remotely, I give it a 10 [out of 10].”

“saved me on many occasions.”
Scott Gutteridge, IT Manager, Easby Electronics

“I needed a sales tracking system that’s quick and easy to use,
while giving my team complete visibility and clear updates on Sales,
at multiple levels, out in the field.

MI-DAS has completely exceeded my expectations.
It’s intuitive and brilliantly easy to use, yet deceptively loaded with features.

A real asset for any sales team.”
Simon Lafford-Walker, MD, FW Hipkin

Experience the MI-DAS touch for yourself
To help you bring home the Gold every day, ask me for a short demonstration of what my bespoke MI-DAS dashboard can do for you and your business.
Prefer to have a mooch on your own? No problem. You can see MI-DAS dashboards, customer and product detail pages, sales analysis, the whole opening ceremony here.

*(thanks again Dave and Michelle)