Please Sir, can I have some more?

OK, I have a confession, when my client asked for more tips, he didn’t call me ‘Sir’, but the rest is true.
After trying a K8 tip from one of my recent emails (see, they do contain useful stuff), a client called me and the conversation went something like this…

“Hey Kieran, I tried your Control Right Click tip and it worked! Now instead of having to sit endlessly clicking the down arrow then waiting as 50 lines are processed, I can upload an entire 10,000 line report in just a few minutes. If only I’d known this years ago! You’ve just saved me hours of work. 
What else don’t I know?

– Anonymous response to last month’s email tip.

I love getting calls like that and am only too pleased to share what I know.

For this month’s K8 time saving tip, I give you Alt F3.

If you don’t already use this when searching for a field in K8, it’s going to become your new best friend.
As I’m sure you know, there are hundreds of fields in K8, within Customer Maintenance, Product Maintenance and System Parameters, which means it can take hours searching for the field you’re after, assuming you’re even in the right section!

With Alt F3, all you do is:
1. Press Alt F3 to bring up the search function.
    2. Enter the word you’re searching for – something from the screen label or column name is ideal.
    3. Press Enter to jump to the first appearance of your key word.
    4. Press F3 to jump to the next appearance and so on.
If you’ve tens of fields in dozens of windows to check, this can cut hours of work down to just a few minutes, and be more accurate – you need never miss a field again. 

MI-DAS puts K8 into the palm of your hand  

Always trying to make your life easier, I also have MI-DAS, the K8 sales management information dashboard for you.

Here are just a few of the benefits of MI-DAS:

Access up-to-date sales data from your phone, tablet and laptop
Check your customers’ pricing terms 
✔ See your Sales team’s activity
✔ Spot what your customers aren’t buying and get those sales

No more staying up late poring over excel spreadsheets ahead of a client meeting. Some up-to-the-minute checks in the carpark will ensure it’s all front of mind and very literally in hand.

You won’t find a better K8 dashboard for the money. Ask for a demo and I’ll show you why. 

You can also check out MI-DAS dashboards, customer and product detail pages, sales analysis… the whole picnic on my website.

Give me a call on 07428 578341 if you’d like to find out more about how I can make your K8 life easier and more productive, if you’ve a problem you’d like to challenge me to solve, or if you want to find out if there’s anything you don’t know that you don’t know, just give me a call. I’m dead friendly and love a challenge.