How do you like your numbers?

I like mine in the shape of a number 6 and sat on top of a big, thickly iced cake. That’s because it’s the sixth anniversary of Kieran Kelly Consultancy Services, and I’m celebrating with icing on top!

How do you like your numbers? (Sales data that is)

Keeping on top of your sales targets means keeping up-to-date on performance. But how do you avoid ‘death by data’ and ensure what you’re getting is current, useful and easy to understand? Simple, you get your data the way you like it best. So, how do you like yours?

In a pie?

Today’s Orders by Type or Status allows you to immediately keep track of today’s orders and where they are in the system.

In fresh crunchable numbers?

The same data from the pie chart, in a more detailed number format. Perfect for those who like to have their pie and eat it, or just click for further detail.

An easy to digest colour coded ‘heads-up’?

Red = the first KPI threshold has yet to be hit. There’s still work to be done.
Amber = the first KPI threshold has been met and the target is on track for being hit.
Green = the sales target has been hit, it’s all gravy after this.


A generously upward-leaning Sales graph by value?

See at a glance actual sales extrapolated and plotted against target.

“A tremendous tool for users
visiting customers and to be able
to drill information remotely”

Scott Gutteridge –
IT Manager, Easby Electronics

Colour-coded monthly Sales stats?

Monthly indicators of where you are, and where you need to be, at a glance. Colour coded of course!

A clear year-on-year Sales graph?

Instantly see your current position against past sales performance.

Want the works?

You can have everything all in one place. The choices are almost endless.

Served fresh and hot

Whichever way you like to be updated, the one thing everyone can probably agree on, is your data needs to be accurate, easy to understand and up to date.

MI-DAS’s highly visual formats are probably the most comprehensive, easy-to-digest sales data displays available. And with the information being delivered in almost-real time (every 30 mins), to your smart phone, tablet or laptop, you know what you’re talking about is as accurate and up-to-date as it can possibly be.

“I needed a sales tracking system that’s quick and easy to use, while giving my team complete visibility and clear updates on Sales, at multiple levels, out in the field.

MI-DAS has completely exceeded my expectations. It’s intuitive and brilliantly easy to use, yet deceptively loaded with features. A real asset for any sales team.”

Simon Lafford-Walker – Managing Director at FW Hipkin