K8 Exceptions keep your operations running smoothly

K8 contains a little known or mentioned feature called the exceptions grid. Their simplicity and ease of use belies its power and effectiveness in allowing the system to self-monitor and alert users to items requiring attention.


Simplistic yet highly effective

The beauty of the exceptions grid is that it is a single point of reference for a user, populated automatically by the system. The exception tasks are automatically pushed to the user’s grid for them to perform – no need for them to go any further than their K8 workplace. A simple right click and the stock item, purchase order, sales order, customer account or whatever can be opened and dealt with there and then, and the exception immediately cleared.

The fact that the exceptions are automatically generated, presented in one area, and can be dealt with in that one area massively improves user efficiency in dealing with potential problematic items – this in turn frees up the user up to deal with their normal activities – resulting in increased efficiency and productivity, saving time and money and improving customer service.


Trigger reports are the back bone of user exceptions and are run automatically at regular intervals by the system agent. They are like little sniffer dogs searching the system for potential problems and updating the users exceptions grid accordingly!

Typical uses

Typical user exceptions include:

  • Stock below minimum level
  • Overdue purchase orders
  • Overdue sales orders
  • Customers requiring followup

There is no limit to this list as it is you who decides what is important to your business. The exception data itself can be reported on so managers can see how well the users are dealing with their user exceptions

Did you know …

That you can control + right click the title bar of any K8 grid to copy its contents into the clipboard, and then paste into Word or Excel? You can also paste from the windows clipboard into a sales order or quotation using the Lines > Paste Special function …