Don’t you wish your dashboard was hot like this?

Instantly see today’s order intake, by order type and status, in graphical form, as well as total outstanding orders, at a system, branch or sales rep level, on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

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The MI-DAS dashboard takes a data feed from your K8 system and renders it on an independent platform for you to view on any device with a web browser – even your mobile phone! So, if you’re away from the office, you can easily check to see how sales went during the day, because the data is updated as frequently as you like!You can quickly and easily see what is held in OMR, what has cleared OMR and awaiting posting and what has already been posted today. As a business owner, managing director, branch manager or sales rep, you can quickly see how orders are progressing through the system.
The Projected Sales – Year chart extrapolates actual sales patterns and compares to targets, colour coding with R-A-G and customisable thresholds to quickly and easily identify trends. image6As well as being able to view today’s, and outstanding orders on donut charts, the data tables are instantly available to view.