BMF – One Voice – Spring 2022

My first appearance in a national publication!

Black belt in Kerridge Commercial System’s K8.

You know what they
say? Sharing is caring!

You know what they
say? Sharing is caring!
A relationship with the client
is the key to how I operate.
If you need to know how
something works, I’ll do
my best to explain it. If I
don’t know, I’ll find out and
share that experience and
knowledge, so that you can
take full advantage of it.
To get the most out of
your investment in the
K8 system, it should be
correctly configured, and
your staff should be correctly
trained in its use. This is an
ongoing investment in time,
and money, ensuring that you
are gaining maximum results.

The system will have been
configured during the
implementation phase, and your
staff trained and as business
evolves and changes, so should
your system. There are constant
demands for information coming
from internal and external
sources. Consultancy can
help to decide the best way
to proceed, be it changes to
configuration or procedures.
If you need help or guidance
on any aspect of product or
supply chain management,
sales order processing and
stock checking, or if you’d
like a hand implementing,
configuring or running your
K8 system, then why not
get in touch.