5 Tips To Get The Most From Your ERP System

5 Tops To Get The Most From Your ERP System

There’s always a better way to do everything

So, you’ve invested in your ERP system, both financially and with time and your system is up and running, but are you happy with it and the results you are getting from it? Maybe its been a good experience for you, and maybe it hasnt. Here are five ways you can maximise your investment.

Employ best practices

Your system is highly configurable, and you may even have had some bespoke modifications made to it, but there are fundamental processes key to the success of the system. This could be a time for you to look at your own business processes to see if they can be re-engineered or streamlined to fit better with your system’s workflows.


Use the system’s ability to run reports in the background to create trigger and exception reports and notify of potential problems or slippages.

Know its power

Find out what exactly your system is capable of. You may only be s
cratching the surface in terms of how you’re using the system. It is much much more than a stock control and order processing system.


Ensure your staff know how to use the system, especially staff how may have joined after the initial implementation. Knowledge can dilute over time and it is good to step back once in a while to appraise how well the system is being used.

Business intelligence

Using workplaces, either within the system, or web based ones such as MI-DAS is a very powerful way to capitalise on the data within the system. Using background processing, the system can process complex reports, storing the results in KPIs which can be quickly and easily shared with others, whether on the system, or outside.

Customer Experiences

“As in all projects, cost, while a major consideration does not stand alone. One is always seeking cost effective solutions, the right solution at the right cost delivered at the right time.
Our rollout of Kerridge was a major departure from our status quo. As a company, we had been using the same system for 40 years. During this time individuals had found comfort zones in their work and niche areas where they focused. There was resistance to change and the saying “we always do it that way” rang loud.
The above is often a major factor in rolling out a successful and timely project and requires management and consideration. With your help we were able to achieve this.
Your support was cost effective. We received lower cost and higher quality training and support than we did from Kerridge. Your flexibility in addressing the areas we needed to know for our processes rather than focusing on mainstream areas was pivotal in reducing apprehension. This was very different from Kerridge who came with a script and were reluctant to deviate.
Your style, personality and knowledge were instrumental in bringing our team members forward. It was interesting that the conversations between team members changed from constant querying of why a new system was needed to structured comments on how to use the system and the benefits it brings. 
You handled a diverse group of people with consistency and your personality placed everyone at ease. It was also interesting that when we announced the follow up sessions team members were generally pleased and looking forward to your return.
Your knowledge and professional approach are exemplary. As a company we made a huge leap forward in a short period of time with your help.”

“We have found your trading consultancy very useful and you have helped our team gain a good understanding on how they need to use the system for their day to day tasks.

Reports constructed have also been very useful for all companies and well explained.
Outside consultancy you have still been very useful in helping us out with any day to day queries the group may have.
Thank you for your time thus far in helping our staff gain a better understanding of the system aspects suited to their role which has made the runnings of the businesses far more efficient.”

“Angel Plastics employ the services of Kieran Kelly on an ‘ad hoc’ basis to bridge the gaps that are unfortunately left by Kerridge’s rigid and sometimes inadequate training and maintenance.

Kieran has always been very flexible and accommodating in his approach allowing us the opportunity to offload onto him all manner of issues that build up from time to time in K8. We simply give him a list and he gets on with it. His service provides real value for money when compared to Kerridge consultancy fees.

On a slightly negative note it is a shame that he is unable to deal directly with Kerridge whilst working on our system, particularly if he finds issues that cannot be resolved and that requires Kerridge interaction.”

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